How to Keep Your Car from Being Towed?

There are instances that you look forward to the sight of a tow truck driver. Once you have car issues of you’ve been involved in an accident, or you’ve been locked out of your automobile, a tow truck driver and their skills might be just what you want to take advantage of. Then there are also moments when the last thing you need is getting your car towed. During these times, you can keep yourself from experiencing unwanted towing if you use your common sense and make sure to follow the items listed below: 


Make sure to pay the meter if needed 

It’s very important not to forget to pay the meters since they are there for a reason, which is to prevent people from parking their vehicles without paying. Keep in mind that the fine you’ll be paying for getting a boot removed or getting your vehicle out will be much more costly compared to simply filling up the meter, regardless if you’re just planning to park for only a few minutes. Nothing is worse than returning to your vehicle only to see that it either cannot be driven away or lost. 

Check the signs surrounding your parked area 

See to it that you can legally park wherever you are parking. Other areas have particular regulations on things such as at white times you can park your vehicles, how long you can park there, etc.  

Moreover, it’s vital to be careful of the curb types that you’re parking next to. For example, you should never consider parking next to a red cub. White curbs are some of the less known curbs that enable a vehicle to be parked for 5 minutes to unload and load passengers. Blue curbs are for individuals with disabilities. Meanwhile, green curbs refer to short-term parking, which usually ranges from ten minutes or less. And yellow is indicated solely for commercial unloading/loading. 

 Set a phone alarm a couple of minutes before the end of meter time 

The key here is to prepare some type of alarm set so that you can be there when it’s almost up to the moment that you’ve got to either refill the meter or leave. Make sure to set an alarm for 10 or more minutes if you far walk away. Once you do so, you won’t easily forget that you’ve got to return to your vehicle and that you will not need to worry about having your car towed or getting a boot to be placed on them.  

Call a trusted tow company when your vehicle breaks down 

In case your vehicle starts to break down, see to it that you contact a trusted flatbed towing operator or a roadside assistance company so that they can help you out and tow your car at a cheaper cost instead of letting it be towed by anyone else. A tow truck operator can also take you and your automobile to a car repair shop right away. 

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