How Can You Maintain Healthy Trees?

Trees can help improve any property with tranquility, beauty, home value, and shade. So, it’s important to keep them healthy at all costs. Because of that, you need to learn a lot of things so that you can make sure that the trees in your property will be in their tip-top shape. Here are some of the best tips you need to apply: 


Prune and mulch them every week  

It’s reasonable to do simple precautions to make sure that they’ll have a prolonged life. Some of these precautions include mulching and pruning every week if you can. But if you want help from the experts, you can always contact a certified arborist.  

Leave them alone if needed 

Trees don’t require the help of humans to thrive. In fact, a lot of them survive where they are planted. However, sometimes, humans unintentionally damage the trees that they are supposed to showcase.  

One example of that is when you regularly park a car underneath a tree. Remember that that can damage your tree since it can be tamped down the ground too hard, which makes it hard for the roots to shift and grow in the soil.  

Most of the time, property owners want to construct something around or near a beautiful tree to have the tree improve the ultimate building project. If that’s what you’re planning, it would be better not to do that. If you construct something too near to the trees, their growth space and roots can be damaged and affected. Instead, make sure to discuss what your trees should undergo with a trusted arborist and get affordable tree care accordingly. 

Observe your trees and research more about tree diseases 

Even if it’s best to leave your trees alone for you to keep them from harm, it’s also a nice idea to regularly observe them so that you will be aware once they change. Take note that it’s best to diagnose a diseased tree as early as possible.  

Some of the things you have to monitor may include stunted development, rapid discoloration, etc. Being aware of what your tree looked like during their healthy seasons can greatly help as you contact an arborist to discuss it with them and get the right solutions you can consider.  

Start landscape maintenance, particularly for new trees during the fall season 

When it comes to landscaping, a lot of people usually wait until spring starts to take action. However, the experts highly recommend that having a head start during the fall season can make it more rewarding and easier for you to take care of your trees when the springtime comes. There are some vital steps you need to take as you prepare your trees for the winter season. Prevent any issues from getting worse with the help of the PINE (Prune, Inspect, Nourish, & Extend) method.  

Keep in mind that trees that are well cared for and healthy don’t house termites, lose limbs, snap, or die. Help your property and home from being damaged by keeping your trees healthy.  

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