Landscape Trends this 2021

Here are the following landscape trends that are predicted to be popular for 2021 according to professional landscape and home designers. Check them out below and see if you want to try them out. In case you want landscaping assistance you may click now.  


Light it up 

While it’s not that common to have to entertain indoors, you can mainly focus on having gorgeous outdoor lighting to maximize your area for longer into the evening. With that, the evening is not totally over when the sun sets at 4:30. 

The imperfect eclectic style is ideal 

When it comes to perfectly planned areas, it will be less concentrated this year. Instead, it’ll be more about embracing an imperfect, unkempt, natural, but still beautiful garden.  

Grow what you can eat 

Gardens of herb, fruit, and veggies will always be high in demand by homeowners especially with the trying situation people have now. This 2021, the yard and gardens will be better considered and gardeners will be more ready thanks to the lessons learned from the unplanned covid gardens in 2020. Potted herbs and raised garden beds will still keep on trending. 

Extend indoors using outdoor space 

Making a comfy and relaxing outdoor living area that’s an extension of your windows will keep on being trendy with home remodeling projects this 2021, and not only in areas with warmer climates. You can opt for the option to let the inside out and vice versa by designing so that there will be a natural flow between outdoors and indoors with features such as folding glass doors or large sliding. 

On the porch, you can also install drop-down screens to help deal with mosquitos, outdoor fireplaces that make your place warm, outdoor heating lamps, and comfy couches that can extend your relaxation into the freezing months more than ever.  

Social front yards 

You should prioritize having social front yards if you want to make the most out of your home and feel more connected with your neighbors. Move-in bistro chairs and seating, and move over hedges to watch the neighbors pass you by.  

Unleash the fresh air 

In 2021, it’s highly recommended to come up with more creative ideas to showcase your outdoor area. Monkey bars, ninja warrior courses, climbing walls, and zip lines will keep your kids active and busy.  

Vertical Gardens 

Similar to a piece of art or a statement wall, a vertical outdoor garden can incorporate a goo visual element to any area and property. Fortunately, you can DYI this to experience a more adventurous approach or pre-buy it online. This is a particularly amazing trend that can be used for extremely small areas and can add lasting impact, character, and visual interest.  


To have a personal private space will still be relevant and more important today since homeowners are always at home. You can find ways to get creative with this privacy, such as having hanging vines on a trellis wall rather than a row of common evergreens, etc.